Caffeinated bliss and more!

Classic drip coffee, traditional espresso-based beverages, hot chocolate for the kids, chai for the peace 'n love crowd. Don't forget about the hot or iced tea selection, and in the summer you can even grab a fresh squeezed orange juice. All hot beverages come 12, 16, or 20 oz.

Drip Coffee

Have it black, add half&half and sweetener to your taste. Or try it topped with delightful steamed milk, as a Cafe Au Lait. In the summer, try it iced.

Traditional Espresso Drinks

Espresso - single or double shot
Espresso Machiatto

Favourite Flavoured Drinks

White Mocha
Black & Tan
Chai Latte

On the Healthy Side

Hot Tea - various flavours
Fresh Squeezed OJ (seasonal)
Fruit Smoothies

For Kids or Kids At Heart

Hot Chocolate
Flavoured Moo
Soda Pop

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